There's lots of prep work to do on Thanksgiving, from stuffing the turkey to making the side dishes to cleaning the house.

All that work isn't necessarily kid-friendly. So how to stave off boredom so your kids aren't under foot getting in the way, whining or complaining while you're trying to get everything done? Get them involved! Let your kids take charge of decorating the focal point of all Thanksgiving festivities -- the dining table!

Here are three things the kids can do to decorate the table.

Turkify the tablecloth

Have you ever seen those paper tablecloths sold at party stores and supermarkets this time of year? They have turkeys to color, Thanksgiving word searches, lists of things you're thankful for, even activities like tic tac toe and hangman. If you buy a tablecloth like that, your kids can spend lots of time making it beautiful. And, if you can't find a pre-made tablecloth, let your kids get even more creative by decorating their own paper tablecloth.

Make homemade placecards

Give the kids the all-important job of figuring out where everyone sits. Follow that up by letting the kids make the placecards. They could write names on leaves they've collected or made out of construction paper. They could make little turkeys out of pinecones, paper feathers and cottonball heads with the names written on the feathers. They could even go old-school and write the names on traced-hand construction paper turkeys.

Sprinkle the Thanksgiving love

Gather together construction and tissue paper in autumn colors like brown, red, orange and yellow. Give the kids a few hole punchers and let them go to town making confetti. They can sprinkle the confetti over the table to make it even more festive.

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