It's pumpkin season, and for some of us, pumpkins are taking over our lives.

So, an autumn snapshot in time -- As I look around my house, what pumpkins do I see hanging around?

1. I see a pumpkin display on my dining room table. My daughters insisted on painting different sizes of pumpkins this year. So each one painted a large pumpkin. My 12-year-old went with a bit of an abstract concept, overturning several different paints over her pumpkin. It was a messy activity, but it ended up in a very cool effect (one she did with glue and glitter on her tiny pumpkin, for an even stickier and messier kitchen table, but which she did clean up, so it's all good!).

My 8-year old copied her sister's idea for her small pumpkin, but for her large pumpkin, she painted more intricate designs around the whole pumpkin.

2. A pumpkin person -- My third grader is required to do a book project each month for school. The October project embraces the season by asking the students to take a character from the book they've read and create his or head out of a pumpkin. This is especially appropriate for my child because she loves the fact that we affectionately called her pumpkin head when she was a baby (She had a perfectly round, adorably bald head for the first few months of her life.)

3. And of course there are pumpkin window stickers, pumpkin drawings and random pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets gracing all the rooms in my house, awaiting the fun of Halloween and getting us in the spirit of the harvest.

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