Interested in making a costume? Here are 26 ideas—one for each letter of the alphabet. Each one is just an outline; fashion yours with whatever you have on hand. Have fun!

Start with an oversized white dress, robe or shirt. Belt it with thick gold ribbon. If desired, add a chenille stick to the headband in the form of a halo. Wings can be made by unbending and reshaping wire hangers, then covering with netting or ribbon.

Bunch of grapes
Dress child in green tights and leotard. Blow up blue, green or purple balloons and tie with string. Attach string to safety pins and fasten to leotard. Also looks great topped with a green pointed hat.

Have any fake fur? Wrap it toga-style and accessorize with a wig, toy club, bone jewelry or strips of leather.

Wear a white shirt, dark pants, dark shoes and a bow tie. Use old jewelry to create a medallion and find fabric for a cape. Style hair back, apply white base make-up, use eye pencil for a widow’s peak and pointed eyebrows. Shade areas under eyes and cheekbones with gray. Use red lipstick on lips.

Cut the hem of a green turtleneck or vest into a zigzag pattern. Replace buttons with oversized ones, and belt it at the waist. Add pompons or cotton balls to shoes. If you have a Santa hat, stuff it with paper and decorate with glitter glue or plastic plants.

Overalls, flannel shirts and boots. Don a straw hat and wear a handkerchief around the neck. For added authenticity, pin toy farm animals, such as chickens, cows and pigs onto pants.

Wear a white blouse and colorful full skirt. Add necklaces, bracelets, earrings, a shawl or a bandana.

Heavyweight boxer
If someone in the house is a boxer, this is an ideal last minute outfit. Boxing gloves, satin shorts and satin cape or robe are the perfect additions to a white T-shirt. Use markers to draw a muscled chest on the shirt.

Invisible man
Dress in a dark suit. Wrap athletic bandage around head, leaving areas open for eyes and mouth, and safety pin the ends of bandages into shirt. Dark glasses, preferably large ones, and a dark hat with a brim complete the look.

To create a judge’s wig, cut off the brim of a cap and attach strips of white felt to the back and sides of cap, roll index cards into tubes and use a hot glue gun to secure them. Cover entire cap with rolls to complete the wig. Wear wig with a black outfit and a white collar.

Have a rocker in your home? Decorate black pants, collars and cuffs with silver painted stars and studs. Big boots, a black wig and heavy KISS style make-up are needed. But if you have a rocker, you probably have those items, too.

Laundry hamper
Cut off the top of a large box; poke two holes in the front and back of box. Insert ribbon through holes and knot to create suspenders to hold up box. Paint box to look like hamper or cover with shelf paper. Attach old clothes to the top of box to look like laundry spilling out. Wear any clothes underneath.

The nice thing about this costume is it’s open to interpretation. Start with a ripped flannel shirt and old jeans; add fake fur, make-up or horns. Make huge claws with poster board and attach to gloves. Or use make-up to draw on fake scars. The options are endless.

Wear black sweats and socks, tuck pants into socks. Wrap red fabric around child’s waist, secure with safety pins. For head cover, begin putting a black T-shirt over child’s head, but stop when face pokes through, tie arm sleeves loosely in back.

Attach seaweed and sea creatures, either toys or made with art supplies, to a blue shirt or jacket. Wear sand colored leggings or pants and attach homemade shells, starfish or beach toys.

Shred the cuffs of a pair of old dark pants. Add a puffy white shirt and belt around the waist. Tie a bandana on head and clip a large hoop earring on one ear. An eye patch can be drawn on with make-up. Add a toy sword or a hook fashioned out of tin foil.

Wear a fancy dress. Top head with a play crown or create one with poster board, foil or paint. An Elizabethan collar can be made with poster board, or attach sheer scarves to the crown for effect.

In the top of a box, cut a hole large enough for a head to fit through. Measure where armholes should be and cut those, too. Use silver spray paint on the outside of the box. Allow to dry and decorate with marker or attach pictures of calculators and clocks. Dress in plain colored clothes underneath.

Wear a flannel shirt and tights underneath torn overalls. Stuff overalls with newspaper or raffia and tape or staple in place. Use gel to spike hair or wear a straw hat. Toy birds can be attached to shoulders.

Put on a gaudy top, tan shorts and straw hat. Additional props include sunglasses, a camera, leisure and beach bags. A line of zinc oxide on the nose completes the costume.

Uncle Sam 
On a pair of white pants, use masking tape to create stripes and spray paint red. When paint has dried, remove tape. Wear a white shirt and blue jacket or vest, attach stars. Crepe paper can make a bow tie, and a hat can be made with poster board.

Drape soft white material or fake fur over child in leotard and tights. Belt with rope or braided cord. Use vinyl strips or rawhide to make wrist cuffs and find plastic toys such as swords, helmets and spears. Braided yarn or a long wig can be added to helmet, too.

Put green make-up on face and use black eyeliner to create warts. Wear a black dress, stockings and boots. Make a black cone witch hat with poster board. A toy cat, broom or old wig can also be used.

Xmas present 
Cut the top off a large box; poke two holes in front and back. Attach red or green ribbon to create suspenders to hold up box. Tape Christmas wrapping paper to box. Wear over a green leotard and red tights. Add ribbon, tinsel, or anything Christmassy you can think of.

A sailor hat or a white cap with a nautical image—either drawn on or a picture fastened with safety pins— is essential. Add suit coat, white pants and a scarf tied around the neck. Carry a compass to complete the look.

Pick an old outfit and tatter it. Rub with dirt and put dried leaves in pockets. Use make-up to gray face and add fake bloody injuries. Mess the hair and use gel or spray to hold in place. Add dirt and leaves to hair, too.

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