School may have started already, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the last few weeks of warm weather before winter sets in to say a proper farewell to one of the best times of the year!

Plan a grand finale to your summer bucket list.

Do something special that relates to those activities you worked to check off your list this summer. If you spent time teaching your kids how to cook, let them plan a special meal for the family. If you read through a new book series, have a movie marathon of the films that were based on the books.

Bling out those school supplies.

One of the best things about starting school is that everything is new. Celebrate that! If your kids' teachers are cool with it, let your sons and daughters add some personality to their supplies. Break out the football stickers so your little sports aficionado can decorate folders and notebooks. Grab the glitter glue to add sparkle (literally) to pencil boxes and binders.

Say goodbye to summer by saying hello to fall.

Even though the weather still feels pretty summery, some destinations that offer autumn activities have already opened their doors. Start out some fall fun by checking out the hours at your local apple orchard.

Revisit a local favorite.

Lots of families spend their summer trying out new things. If that describes you, visit a nostalgic local favorite that you may have overlooked during vacation. Some examples? The Milwaukee Public Museum, the Milwaukee County Zoo and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Stay home.

One thing that's hard for a lot of kids about starting school is that they have less time to spend at home. Talk to your kids about what their favorite thing to do at home is, and spend a weekend day staying home and doing that one thing. If you have a bookworm, build a cozy fort and spend the day reading fun books before the flood of school-related reading starts. If your kid loves sports, spend the day in outdoor free play before after-school sports are in session. And, yes, if you have a kid who loves video games, one day of free reign with the XBox won't be the end of the world before the school-year restrictions kick in.

Most importantly, don't let summer vacation just fade into the sunset; celebrate how wonderful it is by giving it the fanfare it deserves.

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