With the recent release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," a new generation of fans have been able to see the action on the big screen. Star Wars-themed items are everywhere you look, and if he hasn't already, it's only a matter of time before your child requests a Star Wars-themed birthday party.

You’ll be the coolest mom in the galaxy with these games and activities.


Penetrate the First Order: Print out a large picture of the Starkiller Base (your local office supply store can print in a large format). Cut out circles in the picture, which will allow the Rebels (ping pong balls) to enter the Starkiller Base. Make holes different sizes and outline in different colored markers or tape to determine the number of points for each. Play as teams or individuals.

Defend Takovana: Create Storm Trooper faces on white balloons using washable markers. Tape or tack up the balloons on boards outside. The Rebels will use water guns to try to eliminate the Storm Troopers.

Steer the Millennium Falcon: Can Rey and Finn get through the asteroid field without hitting anything? Hang balloons on a string from the ceiling in a hallway or small room to create an asteroid field. You can even lay some on the floor. Kids carefully make their way through without touching the balloons. For an added challenge, dust the balloons with baby powder to confirm who made it through untouched.

Where is Luke?: Star Wars VII is all about finding the location of Luke Skywalker. Can your party goers find the missing puzzle piece? Purchase a 35 piece Star Wars puzzle and hide the pieces around the party space. Guests will look for the pieces and bring them back to the table to put the puzzle together. If the group is large enough, hide two identical puzzles and have the teams race to see who can put the puzzle together the fastest.

Light Saber Battle: You know they want to do it, so just let them. Create a light saber out of pool noodles or the long balloons used to make balloon animals. Move all the breakable items out of the way and step back. This is a good way to end the party.

Food Ideas

Pinterest is an awesome source for Star Wars Party food ideas. Some ideas are to simply rename the food with Star Wars themed names like Wookie Water and Darth Vader Taters. Or create food to look like a Star Wars item like light sabers made out of carrots, grape kabobs or white chocolate dipped pretzels.


Create your own Storm Troopers: Let the kids show their creative side. The guests will assemble their own Storm Troopers using large and small marshmallows, toothpicks and fine point markers. If they are planning to eat their creations later, use edible markers like Wilton Food Writer markers.

BB-8 Banks: A few days before the guests arrive, prepare empty Aquaball water bottles (Available at Sam’s Club or Target) by painting them white and allowing to dry. Once dry, cut a long slot on one side large enough for a quarter to fit through. You will also need to purchase Styrofoam balls from the craft store. These will be the top of BB-8. Cut the balls in half and also cut out the center so it can be placed over the spout of the Aquaball. On the day of the party, guests can decorate the banks with orange and black markers or paint to look like BB-8.

Photo booth

Order Star Wars VII paper masks from Oriental Trading (8 for $3.99). Purchase toy light sabers or use the ones from your light saber battle. For a back drop, use a black plastic table cloth or blanket and hang with holiday lights for the stars. Have the kids pose and take a variety of shots to share on Drop Box.

Goody bag ideas

Oriental Trading has a large variety of Star Wars items, including stickers and cups. Star Wars puzzles are available at the dollar store and would be a great connection to the party game, “Where is Luke?” You also might consider adding DIY mini light sabers made with glow sticks and black electrical tape. 

Pam Molnar is a freelance writer and the mom of three.

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