Love it or hate it, Disney is a big part of most kids' lives, from Disney princesses to Disney Junior, to the big man himself, Mickey Mouse.

If you're a parent who loves Disney as much as your kids do, here are 5 easy ways to celebrate all things Mickey.

1. Stage a Hidden Mickey scavenger hunt

If you've ever been to Disney World, you know that a lifesaver when waiting in line with young kids is to look for "hidden Mickeys" -- the three circles that look like a silhouette of Mickey Mouse's head and ears -- that imagineers have placed throughout the parks. Why wait for a trip to Orlando to look for those hidden Mickeys? You'd be surprised at how many you can find just hanging around (from configurations of light bulbs to the bubbles you've just blown); you'll find them everywhere once you start looking!

2. Disney movie marathon 

Search online to find an old-school Mickey cartoon (Think Steamboat Willie), then let your kids pick one of their more current favorites, and end the movie-watching extravaganza with a movie you loved when you were a kid.

3. Make your own hidden Mickeys -- in your food!

Now that you've found hidden Mickeys everywhere you've gone, why not try making some of your own, and then eating them? You just need three circles, it's easy, so be creative! Try Mickey ear pancakes, cookies, Jello jigglers, even your kids' fruits and vegetables (oranges, apples and cucumbers are great candidates for Mickey ears.)

4. Play some games

Take a trip down the game aisle of your local toy store and you'll see how many Disney versions of classic board games there are; in fact you probably have some in your own game collection. Try out some of those, or, if you want something simpler, come up with some Disney-themed clues to act out for charades or draw for Pictionary.

5. Mouse ears for all

While you're having your scavenger hunt, movie marathon, game day and enjoying your snacks, dress the part. Dig out your Mickey ears from your most recent Disney World trip, or make your own with construction paper!

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