Planning a family road trip?

Anxious to make sure your kids are entertained?

Not anxious to have them plugged into a device the whole time?

Here are 5 old-school ways to keep your kids occupied on those long car-rides.

Fun with foil: Before your trip, buy some small Dollar Store trinkets or pieces of candy. Wrap the items up in layers of foil, and fashion into a ball shape. When the kids start getting bored, toss the balls into the backseat, and the kids will be occupied unwrapping them. Bonus -- once they unwrap them, they'll have the toys to play with. Extra bonus -- foil is super fun to play with; the kids can make foil sculptures!

Games: While you're packing for your trip, raid your game cabinet. Take all the trivia cards out of the game boxes, and quiz each other as you drive down the road.

Magnets: Dollar stores often have magnet sets with your kids' favorite characters, or sets of letter and number magnets. If you're ambitious, you can even make your own magnets by cutting favorite pictures out of magazinesĀ or printing extra silly photos of the kids, then laminating them and gluing magnets to the backs of them. Then give the kids the magnets along with a cookie sheet, and let them make their own scenes.

Window markers and clings: Invest in some window markers and seasonal window clings. Give the kids the thrill of their lives by telling them it's perfectly okay to draw on their windows!

Special snacks: Buy some extra special (surprise) snacks that you don't usually let the kids have. When you've all been stuck in the car for an extra long period of time and have exhausted all your other activities, break out the special snacks, and make your kids' day!

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