A great way to cement pre-reading skills into your preschooler's brain is to do fun things which start with different letters. That's the idea behind the ABC day trip through Milwaukee. Last month, we gave some ideas to do with your kids that start with the letters A through F. Now we'll tackle G through K!

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Go fly a kite

Flying a kite is a super fun way for kids, both young and old, to spend some time, and the Milwaukee area is the perfect place to learn how to do it. Gift of Wings has three locations in metro Milwaukee, and two of them have nearby parks where you can fly your new kite right away. According to owner Scott Fisher, Veterans Park near the lakefront is one of the best places to fly a kite in the country. And the location in historic Greendale is near several parks, including one within walking distance.

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Have a breakfast picnic

If you're starting your day trip early in the morning, take advantage of the park you're flying your kite at and have a picnic. But make it a breakfast picnic! The novelty of eating breakfast on a blanket in the park will delight your little one, and it's a perfect time to relax after running around the park chasing your kite!

Here are some options for fun portable breakfast items:

  • Bakery items like doughnuts, cinnamon rolls or bagels
  • Young kid-friendly fruit like cut-up grapes, sliced apples or watermelon
  • Gogurt
  • Juice boxes or small water bottles

Ice cream

Yeah, breakfast dessert isn't usually a thing, but this is a special day! Watch your little one's eyes light up when you head back into the Gift of Wings and let him order an ice cream cone.

Jacks, jump ropes and other old-school outside toys

Hey, you're outside in the park. It's time to have fun with outside toys. And it's the perfect opportunity to introduce the kids to some classics.

  • Jacks is an easy game to understand, and it can be made easier for little kids to play with jumbo jacks like in this set, which make them easier for tiny hands to grab.
  • You can also dust off some of those old jump rope rhymes you remember from your school days and teach your kids how to skip rope. If they can't quite get the hang out of jumping over the rope as it spins over their heads, try just swinging the rope back and forth on the ground, letting them jump as it passes their feet.

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Keep on swimming

After a morning spent outside, it's a good time to do something relaxing. Head on home and let the kids eat their lunch in front of the TV (even if that's not something you usually allow; remember, this is a special treat day!). And, if you all watch the pretty perfect kids movie "Finding Dory" together, you'll have a great inspirational phrase to utter to each other and yourself when the going gets tough (like when you're trying to get them down for a much-needed nap): Keep on swimming!

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