Ever wonder what those huge buildings off the freeway on the way to Chicago are?

Ever wonder if there's anything family-friendly to do in that complex of buildings?

Well, that would be Rosemont, known as Chicagoland's business and entertainment suburb. While there's lots to do there when you're on a date night sans children (think lots of restaurants, bars, shopping), there are some great family-friendly activities to do as well. Here are just a few.

1. Take in a movie

Muvico Theater offers a luxury movie-going experience where you can enjoy a full meal right inside the beautifully decorated theater.

2. Throw some strikes

If you enjoy a family bowling afternoon, check out Kings Bowl, which has 20 bowling lanes, comfortable seating for you and your family and lots of great food even the pickiest eater will love -- who can say no to pizza and bacon-wrapped grilled cheese bites?

3. Fly high with the kids

For those among us who are intimidated by the thought of jumping out of a plane (and who would do that anyway with the kids, right?), iFLY Indoor Skydiving lets you get the experience of free falling with the wind in your hair without that whole jumping-out-of-a-plane thing. Curious how it works? A vertical wind tunnel is created by four fans, and "skydivers" are able to float on a cushion of air.

4. Do some shopping

Rosemont is home to a huge outlet shopping center.

Fashion Outlets of Chicago even has a children's wing with outlet stores like the Disney Store, Carter's, Oshkosh B'gosh and Gymboree.

And, when the kids get tired of shopping for you, the food court has plenty to bribe them with, including ice cream at Haagen-Dazs and pizza at Sbarro.

5. Enjoy an open-air concert

After a full day of shopping, bowling, movie-going and skydiving, what better way to relax than by staking out a place on the lawn at MB Financial Park, buying some food from the local vendors and listening to some great live music? Oh, yeah, and then there are fireworks afterwards!

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