If you enjoy doing crafts with your little kids, but aren't the craftiest mom yourself, here are some easy crafts to do this spring that even the least crafty moms can handle!

1. Tissue paper butterflies, eggs, flowers...

Choose your favorite spring shape, and cut it out of a large piece of white posterboard or construction paper. Give your child several pieces of tissue paper in different spring colors. Let him go at it ripping up the tissue paper. Have him crumple up the little bits of paper, dip them in a little bit of glue and decorate the shape.

2. Salt dough spring shapes

Make a dough out of just three ingredients -- flour, salt and water. When you get the desired consistency, give it to your child to play with, along with several spring-shaped cookie cutters. Bake the shapes in the oven on a low temperature until they're set. After they cool down, let your child paint the shapes.

3. Nature frames

Go on a nature walk with your child. Let her collect different items like flowers, rocks and leaves. When you get home, give her a wooden frame (You can buy these at stores like Michael's and Joann Fabrics for $1.). Help her use craft glue to adhere her nature items to the frame. Put a favorite photo inside, and you've got a beautiful spring decoration!

4. Painted flower pots

This is a great Mother's Day gift for grandmas. Have your child paint a flower pot in whatever designs and colors she desires. Fill the pot with soil, and show your child how to plant a flower. Perfect gift!

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