– lids of plastic containers

– paper

– black markers (Sharpie markers used here)

– markers, crayons, colored pencils or paint (Watercolor paint used here)

– hammer and nail, small hole punch or pin

– thread, fishing twine, ribbon or string

– glue (hot glue used here)

– beads or buttons

– glitter, glitter glue or sequins

– decorative papers or wrapping paper


Trace lid onto paper and cut out slightly smaller than lid.

Draw portrait with black marker only.

Add color to drawing with watercolor paints, colored pencils, markers or crayons.

Punch hole into rim of lid using hammer and nail, hole punch or pin.

Thread string through hole and add beads if desired.

Glue portrait onto lid.

Glue decorative paper to back of lid.

Add glitter or sequins.

Kelcey Kalumbula is the mom of three and owner of Cloud 9 Workshop, hosting social craft nights each month. Learn more at cloud9workshop.org.

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