– towels (flour sack towels used here)

– rags or fabric scraps

– iron

– fabric paint

– stamps made from: corks, foam, stickers and lids or wood pieces, pencils with erasers

– hot glue, glue sticks

– scissors

– stamp pads made from: foam trays, felt pieces


Iron towel and spread out on table; tape down if needed. (Hint: protect table surface by covering with paper or old sheet.)

Fun! Create your own stamps and experiment with objects found at home. (Hint: Apply foam stickers to lids or wood pieces.)

Plan the design and test stamps on scrap fabric.

Create stamp by cutting a felt rectangle and place it on a foam tray. When ready to stamp, place small amount of fabric paint onto tray.

Ink stamps and stamp onto fabric with firm pressure. (Hint: Avoid rocking the stamp back and forth.)

Hang to dry 72 hours or as per paint instructions.

Kelcey Kalumbulais the mom of three and owner of Cloud 9 Workshop, hosting social craft nights each month. Learn more atcloud9workshop.org.

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