Whether or not there's real snow outside, it's fun to make some of your own in the nice warm house!

Indoor play snow


  • 2 boxes of cornstarch
  • a can of foaming shaving cream
  • a box or plastic container
  • a sheet or tarp or even newspaper
  • any random materials you have around your house


1. Empty 2 boxes of cornstarch into a box, plastic container, tub or any other container you have lying around.

2. Add the shaving cream to your cornstarch.

3. Gather together random odds and ends from around the house that can be used to play with the snow. You could use leaves, twigs and other objects from the yard, you could use beans, pasta, and other dried foods or even candy.

4. Let the little ones mix the cornstarch and shaving cream together until it forms a crumbly powder that sticks together if you form it into a ball. If it won’t stick together, just add a little more shaving cream.

Source: Modernparentsmessykids.com

Paper snowman


  • shredded paper, right from your electronic paper shredder. Or you can create your own shredded paper with scissors or a paper trimmer.
  • 1 sheet of colored paper
  • pencil
  • school glue or tacky glue
  • paint brush – optional
  • googly eyes, pom poms
  • colored paper scraps


1. With your pencil, draw three large circles on your paper, right in a line like a snowman.

2. Add glue to each of the three circles, I used a paint brush to help get it evenly distributed. I also suggest doing one circle at a time, so your glue doesn’t dry out before you get to the last circle.

3. Spread shredded paper onto your glued circles. My shreds are 1-2 inches long, so I had to scrunch and bend some of them to stay within the outline. Press the paper shreds down, making sure they are in place and then shake off any extra paper that didn’t stick into the box. Continue this with all three of you circles.

4. Glue on your googly eyes, black pom poms for buttons, and cut and glue any paper embellishments you’d like to add. We make a hat, arms, mouth, and nose.

Source: Babycenter.com

Snow globes

Make these fun snow globes with your children using baby food jars.


  • Glass baby food jar
  • Small toys, figurines or trees
  • Waterproof adhesive, E6000 or Glass & Bead glue
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon
  • Distilled water (omit
  • if using mineral oil)
  • Glycerine or mineral
  • oil (baby oil)
  • Goo remover (Citra Solv Natural Cleaner or Goo Gone)



  • Glue figurines to inside of jar lid using a waterproof adhesive like E6000 or Glass and Bead glue. Place glue on both lid and figurine, wait 2 minutes, then press together. Let dry completely. Tip: Hot glue will only stay attached a short time.
  • After glycerine has been added, add 3 to 4 dots of glue to lid threads before screwing on jar.


  • Remove jar label & clean surface goo (adult supervision required with goo cleaner).
  • Select figurine and ask adult to glue to jar lid.
  • Pour glitter into jar, about 1/2 to 1 tsp.
  • Fill jar to top with distilled water. In place of distilled water and glycerine, jar may also be filled with mineral oil.
  • Add dash of glycerine, about 4-5 drops (adult supervision required with glycerine).
  • After adult has attached lid, decorate rim of jar with ribbon.
  • Shake! Shake! Shake! ENJOY!!

Cloud 9 Kid Connection:

Creating snow globes with kids requires the help and supervision of adults. The ability to measure and pour small amounts takes practice. Protect table surface with newspapers or old towels so spills and mishaps are not a problem.

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