Metal washers, various sizes


Nail polish, various colors

Table covering

Nail polish remover, for mistakes and spills

Optional: Toothpicks

Optional: Beads



Select metal washer and cover work area with newspaper or scratch paper.

Paint design on washer using nail polish, Tip 1: Use toothpicks to draw design or create marbling effect. Tip 2: Don't want colors to blend? Allow washer to completely dry before adding layers

Once dry, attach string and add beads as desired.

Knot string ends together.

Wear and share with friends!

Cloud 9 Kid Connection:

Nail polish comes in nearly every color you can imagine. Have fun and experiment with layers and patterns. Avoid the stinky nail polish smell and take this project outside on a beautiful summer day.

Kelcey Kalumbula is the mom of three and owner of Cloud 9 Workshop 

featuring social craft nights and kids' parties. Learn more at cloud9workshop.com.



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