Have any leftover wine corks? Have your kids use them to create these little boats, perfect for sailing in the bathtub or a stream.



Rubber bands or hot glue gun


Duck tape or washi tape

Hammer & nail or large needle

Optional: Popsicle sticks, gems, decorations, eye hook and string



Assist with hot glue gun when needed.


Arrange 3 corks side-by-side

Rubber band or hot glue corks together

Create small hole in center cork with large needle or hammer & nail

Fold small piece of tape in half over toothpick & cut desired flag shape

Insert toothpick flag into small hole in center cork

Optional: Attach eye hook and string, adding details and decorations. Ask adults to attach items with a glue gun

Sail Away!

Cloud 9 Kid Connection:

DIY toys are fun to make and play with friends! This project is mobile! Gather the necessary supplies and head to the park or beach for boat making and racing fun! No need to limit yourself and your child to the examples shown here. Encourage your child to experiment and text new ideas!

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