These easy clothespin dolls make great gifts or fun toys.


Wooden peg clothespins

Glue, fabric glue best

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Fabric scraps

Ribbon or string

Buttons, jewels, beads or sequins


Optional: Yarn, pinking shears and a permanent marker



Some objects are best attached with a glue gun — assist when needed.


Select materials, fabric, ribbon and a few decorations.

Play with materials and try several ideas before gluing

Cut fabric and ribbon to desired size, wrap and glue

Add details and decorations, ask adults to attach heavy items with glue gun


Learn how to create an up-cycled drawstring pouch from T-shirt sleeves at cloud9workshop.org/woodenpegdolls

Cloud 9 Kid Connection:

Peg dolls are great fun for imaginative play and lively dialog. Assist with technical support but resist directing the project to fulfill your grown-up vision. Better yet, work alongside your child on your own doll. It's fun and beneficial for your child to observe you work and problem solve.

Kelcey Kalumbula is the mom of three and owner of Cloud 9 Workshop, featuring social draft nights each month and kids' parties. Learn more at cloud9workshop.org.

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