Kids can make these easy luminaries to give as gifts for Valentine’s Day.


Glass jars - the size of a peanut butter jar or other

Tissue paper in assorted colors


Mod Podge or school glue

Foam brush

Candle or lights

Optional: Paper punches



Pour Mod Podge or School glue in small cup and add small amount of water, then mix. (Mod Podge or glue used at regular strength will cause tissue paper to tear.)


Clean jar inside and out

Cut or tear shapes from tissue paper

Apply thin layer of Mod Podge to jar surface using foam brush

Place tissue paper shapes on jar and brush over top with Mod Podge then let dry (Hint: Less is more! If tissue paper gets too wet, color will bleed and paper will tear.)

Give Valentine Luminary to someone you love!

Cloud 9 Kid Connection:

Tissue paper comes in bright colors and can be picked up inexpensively at the dollar store. Kids love experimenting with new gadgets. If you're using a large punch, try layering the tissue paper between two sheets of regular copy paper.

Kelcey Kalumbula is the mom of three and owner of Cloud 9 Workshop, featuring social craft nights each month and kids' parties. Learn more at cloud9workshop.org.


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