Children’s Book Week is May 1st-7th and this year’s theme, “One World, Many Stories” is a perfect way to celebrate books for children and the joy of reading. Children’s books offer young readers the opportunity to see themselves reflected in the pages and also provide a window into the experiences of other children throughout the world. Check out one of these great books from your Milwaukee Public Library to discover the many stories that exist in our diverse world.

Global Baby Bedtimes by Maya Ajmera (Ages 0-2)

This adorable board book features pictures of babies from countries around the world in their nightly bedtime routines with the people who love them.

The Water Princess by Susan Verde; illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds (Ages 5-8)

When Georgie (Princess Gie Gie) Badiel was a small girl growing up in Africa, fresh, clean drinking water was scarce, so every day she made a long journey to bring water to her family.

A Piece of Home by Jeri Watts; illustrated by Hyewon Yum (Ages 5-9)

When Hee Jun’s family moves to the United States from Korea, everything is different. But in time, he makes friends, learns English and finds a “piece of home” in their new garden.

Living In Italy by Chloe Perkins; illustrated by Tom Woolley (Ages 5-9)

Learn about life in countries all over the world in this easy reader series.  In Living in Italy, meet Pia who lives on the boot-shaped island famous for pizza!

The Barefoot Book of Children by Tessa Strickland & Kate DePalma; illustrated by David Dean (Ages 6-9)

This celebration of children and people throughout the world highlights commonalities across countries and differences inspired by our unique cultures. Fascinating details offer rich insight into the simple yet purposeful illustrations.

Children Just Like Me: A New Celebration of Children around the World (Ages 7-11)

Readers can meet children across the globe and learn about their families, cultures, everyday activities and more.

Juana & Lucas by Juana Medina (Ages 7-10)

Juana lives in Colombia with her family and dog, Lucas.  She loves many things, especially space, but does NOT love learning English. Read about Juana’s adventures learning a new language so she can visit Spaceland.

The Hello Atlas by Ben Handicott ; illustrated by Kenard Pak ; with a foreword by Professor Wade Davis (Ages 7-12)

Travel the world with your fingertips and learn to say hello in many languages. This is an engaging exploration of our global world complete with lift-the-flaps with pronunciations and fast-facts.

Chloe in India by Kate Darnton (Ages 9-12)

Chloe, an American, moves to New Dehli and feels like an outsider in more ways than one. She discovers that friendship, like the one she has with Lakshmi, is more important than popularity.

Alicia Groeschel and Karli Pederson are children's librarians at Milwaukee Public Library.

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