Parents of reluctant readers know that sometimes the more they encourage their kids to read, the harder they dig in their heels in their refusal.

Sometimes it's better to just sit back, leave books around the house and watch as the kids pick up the books themselves. In other words, you just need to "catch" your kids reading!

Children's magazine "Story Monsters Ink" is inviting parents to share videos when they catch their kids reading. "The new campaign, aimed at promoting literacy both in and outside the classroom, asks teachers and families to submit videos 'catching' their kids and students reading—in the classroom, in the cafeteria, on the playground, in the living room and more."

Every month, a winner will be chosen to receive a year-long subscription to the magazine and a plush reading buddy.

To participate in the challenge, parents or teachers should email their videos to info@storymonsters.com with "caught reading" in the subject line.

Check out storymonsters.com for more information.

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