Twelve-year-old Kerwyn Splude, Jr. was diagnosed with frontal lobe seizures in 2014 at the age of 9.

To cope with his three years of treatment at Children's Hospital, he decided to write a story and draw characters that have now become a comic book.

"Sergeant Seizure and the Evil Dr. Coo Coo" is a 22-page comic book starring Sergeant Seizure, a superhero who battles seizures (and Dr. Coo Coo) with the help of heroic neurologist Dr. Bald.

According to Kerwyn's mom Cindy, his three goals in creating this comic book are to "do some of the Comic Cons to raise funds for a clinical trial, to house copies in various pediatric neurology hospitals in all 50 states and to help bring some comfort to those that see no end in sight."

Check out the "Sergeant Seizure" website to support Kerwyn's goals and buy your own copy of his comic book.

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