When you teach your kids about the contribution America's military has made to the protection of our country, it's important to emphasize the important role many different citizens have played in helping the members of the military out.

Lessons like that help kids to understand that, no matter who they are or where they work, they can play a part in keeping our nation strong and safe.

That's why Erin Hagar's picture book, "Doing her bit: A story about the Woman's Land Army of America" is such a good read.

The story is a fictionalized account of a real person, Helen Stevens, who went to work for the Woman's Land Army (WLA) during World War I. As parents read this book to their kids, they themselves will learn about the WLA, which was formed to harvest more crops during the war in order to help feed the allies in Europe, whose farmland was destroyed by the war.

Children, who sometimes feel as if they aren't allowed to make as big of an impact as they would like, will identify with Stevens and her colleagues, who had to work hard to convince farmers that women could be just as good at farming as the men who weren't available to farm the fields.

It's and engaging book with a good message about the value of hard work, the importance of helping your country during a war, and the danger of stereotypes.

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