Even young children will be subjected to the political clamor as the November elections loom. While the political process can be complicated, this exposure creates the opportunity for the “teachable moment” to discuss with children the importance of voting and citizenship. Children can “Pick a President!” and cast their vote for a favorite children’s book fictional character at any Milwaukee Public Library from October 24th through November 8th. Check out one of these fun and sneakily informational books and encourage children to vote!

Monster Needs Your Vote by Paul Czajak; illustrated by Wendy Grieb (Ages 2-8)

Monster is excited about the election and wants to vote for the president until he finds out he has to be 18 years old to vote. Instead, Monster decides to run in the election!

President Squid by Aaron Reynolds; illustrated by Sara Varon (Ages 5-7)

Giant Squid wants to be the president, and he gives five very compelling reasons why! When a sardine really needs his help, can President Squid live up to his title?

How Not to Run for Class President by Cathy Hapka and Ellen Titlebaum; illustrated by Debbie Palen (Ages 5-8)

Will’s third grade class is holding an election for class president, and he wants nothing to do with it.  But Steve, his little brother, is going to run for him.

Fly Guy Presents: The White House by Tedd Arnold (Ages 6-9)

Buzz and Fly Guy tour the White House, learning a bit about the history of the building and the presidents along the way.

One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote by Bonnie Worth; illustrated by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu (Ages 7-9)

Through rhyming text, readers learn the history of voting in the United States and gain a better understanding of the process and the importance of participating.

Does My Voice Count?: A Book About Citizenship by Sandy Donovan (Ages 7-9)

Readers can explore the many ways they can be a good citizen even at a young age, including ways they can participate now.

Elizabeth Started All the Trouble by Doreen Rappaport; illustrated by Matt Faulkner (Ages 7-10)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton lived in America when women were not allowed to vote. She and a group of her followers were among the first women to fight for equal rights.

Granddaddy's Turn: A Journey to the Ballot Box by Michael S. Bandy and Eric Stein; illustrated by James E. Ransome (Ages 7-10)

Michael takes a trip to town with his grandfather to help him vote for the first time! But Michael soon finds out that the road to equality is very long.

Lillian's Right to Vote: A Celebration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by Jonah Winter; illustrated by Shane W. Evans (Ages 7-11)

As Lillian climbs the hill to cast her ballot, she recalls the rough climb African Americans have had in gaining their freedom and the right to vote.

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