Balance is that elusive concept  that working moms are always trying to achieve. How do you make sure you're getting everything done at work, while also getting to all your daughter's volleyball games, making sure you're there to see your baby's first steps, and nurturing your relationship with your husband? Throw in the need to cook a few healthy meals for everyone, the reality of maintaining all the other relationships in your life, and maybe getting a little exercise now and then, and keeping all those balls in the air can seem like an impossible feat.

At first glance, Delafield native Teresa A. Taylor's philosophy that balance is a myth may seem like a discouraging and shocking message to send to the working women who are trying to get it all done. But, Taylor explains, balance is a bad way for women to look at it. She likes to think of the work-life dance as layering rather than balancing. Balancing involves trade-offs, and Taylor insists that women should never trade any part of who they are in order to be successful at one part of their lives. She says, "You really can't have success in one area of your life without having success in the others.... You can't take the mother out of the career woman or the career out of the mother, so use both to your advantage."

In her career and home life, Taylor utilized her own layers of time management, one calendar to keep track of both parts of her life, working weekends at the same time as hanging out with her kids, backup child care, and delegating at work.

Taylor says that thinking in terms of layers rather than balance allowed her to hold on to all the parts of who she was -- without tradeoffs.

See what you think by checking out Taylor's book, "The Balance Myth: Rethinking Work-Life Success."  

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