All parents know that the way they relate to their children is shaped by their own experiences. And, just as in everything else in life, your parenting is influenced by the philosophies, beliefs and ideas you have before you become a parent.

So, when a person is devoted to yoga, subscribes to holistic health practices and tries his best to always make conscious, thoughtful decisions, it makes sense that when that person becomes a father, his parenting gurus will be some of the leaders in what many consider methods that swim against the mainstream.

That is definitely the case with Brian Leaf, who writes about his experiences as a father to two boys in his book, "Misadventures of a Parenting Yogi: Cloth Diapers, Cosleeping, and my (sometimes successful) quest for conscious parenting."

While many of the practices Leaf espouses, and which he and his wife practice in raising their children, are controversial (It may not be a great idea to admit to co-sleeping in a city like Milwaukee, where widely publicized incidents of co-sleeping deaths have resulted in a city-led anti-co-sleeping campaign.), he presents his beliefs in a highly relatable and funny manner. His description of his efforts as "misadventures" invites the reader to see him not as an alternative parenting zealot, but as a person who is trying his best (and not always succeeding) to consistently employ his life philosophies in the parenting realm.

And, regardless of whether readers agree with Leaf's philosophy or see his ideas as a bit "out-there" for their liking, his synopses of the parenting tips of such authors as Alfie Kohn, William Sears and Lawrence Cohen, are very informative and provide a good starting point for parents who want to read up on the philosophies set forth in their own books.

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