Telling fairy tales to kids is an age-old tradition. Not only do kids love hearing about magic and adventure, but the fact that the main characters are often children, or at least young people, make for great lessons. Children can learn about how to face adversity, develop their moral compass and discover the strength that lies inside of them.

This natural love of fairy tales is a big reason that there's been such a resurgence of retelling of old fairy tales and a creation of new fairy tales for young readers in recent years. And those fairy tales aren't just for little kids. The fantasy genre is rich for older kids as well.

Boswell Books is embracing fairy tales for older kids at an I Love Middle Grade event on Friday, September 16. At 4 pm, kids will be invited to meet authors Kelly Barnhill and Brian Farrey. Barnhill's book, "The girl who drank the moon", and Farrey's book, "The secret of Dreadwillow Carse", are both absorbing stories about children who overcome the odds to triumph in their worlds of magic, adventure and danger.

Interestingly, the heroes of both books also are called upon to teach the grownups in their lives the importance of feeling emotions rather than hiding them, and learning from the past rather than forgetting it.

Great lessons for kids to learn -- and there's no better way to learn those lessons than by being absorbed in a good book!

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