As you begin stocking up on school supplies, be sure to help your child get mentally prepared to head back to school this fall. Reading a story about school can help your child switch gears, whether returning for another year, going to a new school, or starting school for the first time. Find a fun school-themed book at your Milwaukee Public Library!

Recommended by Milwaukee Public Library children's librarians Christy Coulter and Karli Pederson.

"Bob and Flo" by Rebecca Ashdown (Ages 2-5)

Flo is starting preschool for the very first time and is feeling a little nervous, but a shared bond over her bucket sparks a delightful new friendship.

"Teachers Rock!" by Todd Parr (Ages 3-8)

Oh, the many wonders of teachers - let us count the ways they rock! Get geared up for school by celebrating the many joys and talents teachers bring to the classroom.

"School's First Day of School" by Adam Rex; illustrated by Christian Robinson (Ages 4-8)

A brand new school building, Frederick Douglass Elementary, is feeling very nervous about the first day of school. Young readers will identify with the school's range of feelings experienced throughout the day.

"The Missing Mouse (Sofia Martinez)" by Jacqueline Jules; illustrated by Kim Smith (Ages 6-9)

Keeping an eye on Snowflake, the class' pet mouse, while Albert takes piano lessons should be easy. But Sofia quickly discovers the job is challenging, especially when Snowflake gets loose!

"Lola Levine: Drama Queen" by Monica Brown; illustrated by Angela Dominguez (Ages 8-10)

Lola's confidence on the soccer field doesn't translate to stage. After experiencing stage fright during auditions, Lola finds herself disappointingly playing the role of a squirrel. Can Lola find her exuberant poise in this new role?

"Waylon!: One Awesome Thing" by Sara Pennypacker; pictures by Marla Frazee (Ages 7-10)

Fourth grader Waylon would like to focus on his inventions, but a new classmate and changing relationships with friends and family keep him more than a little preoccupied in this charming story.

"Save Me a Seat" by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan (Ages 8-12)

Ravi is new in town. Joe has only ever known his small town. Both become targets of a school bully, quickly finding common ground. Each chapter alternates between the voices of Ravi and Joe, creating an engaging look at one week at school.

"The Sandwich Thief" by André Marois; illustrated by Patrick Doyon (Ages 9-12)

Will Marin catch whoever is stealing his delicious sandwiches made by his foodie mom? Find out in this laugh-out-loud graphic novel mystery where everybody is a suspect!

"Josh Baxter Levels Up" by Gavin Brown (Ages 9-13)

Avid gamer Josh Baxter's end game at his new middle school is to survive unscathed. Unfortunately, catching a bully's attention destroys this plan. Josh realizes he needs a new strategy, and maybe a few friends, to win.

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