Princesses are classics. Dinosaurs are ever popular. Sloths had their heyday. Next up, Yetis! Check out one of these delightfully silly stories featuring the latest character trend in children's literature. For more stories featuring legendary mythical creatures, check out the Milwaukee Public Library website at mpl.org.

The Thing About Yetis

by Vin Vogel (Ages 3-5)

Winter can be long, even for Yetis. While Yeti loves all the fun winter activities, he does miss the sand castles and splashy slides of summer, so he must look for the best in all seasons.

Yeti and the Bird

by Nadia Shireen (Ages 4-7)

Yeti is feared and therefore avoided by most creatures in the woods. He lives a lonely existence until a fearless, lost bird lands in his life.

No Yeti Yet

by Mary Ann Fraser (Ages 4-8)

Two brothers go on a Yeti hunt to capture a picture of the elusive creature. While most of their search ends in 'no Yeti yet,' they do eventually track him down with hilarious results.

Are We There, Yeti?

by Ashlyn Anstee (Ages 4-8)

This oft-heard refrain gets a twist! Passing many entertaining locations, the children are eager to be 'there' already. What exciting destination does Yeti the bus driver have in store for them?

Dear Yeti

by James Kwan (Ages 5-8)

Two young hikers are on an adventure to find a Yeti and write him brief letters to let him know how their trip is progressing. Dear reader, don't miss this Yeti fun!

Monsters: Myth or Fact

by Thea Feldman (Ages 5-8)

Beginning readers can explore the myths and facts behind some of the world's most legendary creatures, including the Yeti.

Monsters on the Run (Yeti Files)

by Kevin Sherry (Ages 7-10)

Blizz Richards, a Yeti, and his motley crew are on a mission to help the lonely Loch Ness monster. Time travel, zany characters and comedic illustrations make this a fun adventure.

Super Sasquatch Showdown (Sasquatch and Aliens)

by Charise Mericle Harper (Ages 8-10)

In this second volume in the series, two boys are given control of Bigfoot, their neighbor's smelly Sasquatch robot. Can a Bigfoot sighting help save Lewis' family hotel?

The Abominables

by Eva Ibbotson; illustrated by Fiona Robinson

(Ages 9-13)

Lady Agatha is kidnapped by a Yeti and taken to live in the Himalayas. Can Agatha help relocate the kind, gentle creatures when civilization threatens their territory?

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