Though tempting to wish the rain away, spring storms rejuvenate nature and make for excellent puddle jumping. They also present an opportunity for readers to explore the importance of water, the water cycle and water's many forms. Check out one of these great books from your Milwaukee Public Library and turn a rainy day into a fun excuse to learn about water.

Recommendations by Milwaukee Public Library children's librarian Karli Pederson.


by Carol Thompson (Ages 0-3)

Sweet illustrations and simple text make this a delightful board book about rain for babies and toddlers.

Boom Boom

by Sarvinder Naberhaus; illustrated by Margaret Chodos-Irvine (Ages 2-4)

Told solely through onomatopoeia, a group of young children experience a thunderstorm and then the subsequent weather over the course of the year.

When the Wind Blows

by Linda Booth Sweeney; illustrated by Jana Christy (Ages 2-6)

What begins as a windy day full of adventure and kite flying for a boy and his family turns into a rush to the safety of their home as a rain storm passes through.

Stormy Night

by Salina Yoon (Ages 3-6)

When a storm keeps Bear awake, his parents and has his stuffed bunny, Floppy, make him feel safe until the storm passes.

Pitter and Patter

by Martha Sullivan; illustrated by Cathy Morrison (Ages 4-8)

Two rain drops fall from the same storm cloud, one landing in a forest and the other in a meadow, each taking different journeys to the same end.

Water Can Be...

by Laura Purdie Salas; illustrations by Violeta Dabija

(Ages 4-10)

The poetic text and delightful illustrations make this a great introduction for young readers to water's many forms and significance.

Raindrops Roll

by April Pulley Sayre

(Ages 5-9)

From raindrops to the water cycle, this photo-illustrated non-fiction picture book highlights the beauty of water in the natural world.


by Melissa Stewart (Ages 6-9)

This beginning reader packs tons of enthralling facts and fascinating information that explore how water plays a role in people's everyday lives.

Water is Water: A Book about the Water Cycle

by Miranda Paul; illustrations by Jason Chin (Ages 5-10)

Through rhyming text and beautiful illustrations, readers learn the basics of the properties of water and the water cycle.

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