Little artists throughout the Milwaukee area should celebrate as Kohl's recently announced a $1.5 million gift to the Art Museum that will allow the museum to continue the Kohl's Art Generation program.

Kohl's and the art museum started the partnership in 2008; the program allows families to learn about art and to make their own art creations when visiting the art museum.

That ability has been a boon to the museum, which served about 9,000 family participants per year before the program started. Now the art museum considers itself a true family destination, serving 300,000 kids and their parents each year.

So what are some of the great things families can do at the art museum as a result of Kohl's support?

Head on into the Kohl's Art Generation studio, where there are themed art projects for families to do for a few minutes or all day.

Visit the Kohl's Art Generation gallery, which features interactive themes that teach kids about different artists and artworks.

Learn about the museum's unique collection of Haitian art at the Kohl's Art Generation lab.

Enjoy five events per year when the whole museum is transformed into a family art activity extravaganza through Kohl's Art Generation Family Sundays.

Have off-site art experiences by following the Kohl's Art Generation Color Wheels van that travels to different schools, festivals and events in the community.

For more details about the Kohl's Art Generation program, visit the Milwaukee Art Museum website.

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