I don't think it's terribly creative or unique of me that I like to reflect upon the things I'm thankful for in November.

That thought probably crosses everyone's mind at some point as they're sitting down for turkey dinner, watching the Thanksgiving parade or heading outside for the family touch (or tackle!) football game.

I did have those thankful thoughts a little earlier than usual this year as I read through the articles for this month's Metroparent.

As I read Ty Schmidt's analysis of the "fourth trimester" of pregnancy -- those first few months postpartum when your body isn't back to normal and you're adjusting to life with your new baby -- I was thankful that we live in a time when people are becoming more educated about the realities of life after pregnancy, and that it's okay that every woman's experience isn't exactly the same.

I was also thankful for the blessing of moms sharing tips and tricks with each other as I read Mali Anderson's ideas for getting kids to eat "the rainbow" of healthy fall vegetables. (And I'm sure my kids will be thankful that their mom has lots of new healthy recipe ideas!).

And, since this month's magazine focuses on healthy families, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for medical advancements that help premature babies to not only survive but thrive, for people who monitor diseases like Zika to make sure they're doing everything they can to protect the most vulnerable among us, and for something as simple as an understanding of the importance of hand washing to keep germs at bay.

Whatever you're thankful for this November, make sure to take a minute to reflect upon your blessings, and have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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