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10 baby items you can live without

Metroparent's Liz Paulsen appeared on The Morning Blend on April 16, sharing her tips for baby items moms can live without. You can see the this list and the top 5 things to buy used and the top 5 things to buy new in the free May print edition of metroparent, which will be available across the Milwaukee metro area and in Lake Country at the end of April.

Here is what Liz dicussed with Tiffany Ogle and guest host Amy Taylor:

Wipe warmers

Regardless of the brand or type of wipes you choose, don't spend the money on a wipe warmer. If the wipes seem cold to you, simply warm them up with your hands before using on baby. And, besides, a wipe warmer is not something you can easily carry around with you on the go.

Bottle warmers 

Simply run warm water over the bottle or bag or heat water in the microwave and then place the bottle or bag in to warm it. It’s generally not recommended that you warm milk in the microwave because the heat isn’t distributed evenly.

Crib bumpers

Bumper pads should never be used in an infant's crib, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. The bumpers carry a potential risk of suffocation.


The obvious: Babies can't walk. Socks alone work just fine. 

Changing table

They can be expensive, take up a lot of space and don't really repurpose well. Keep a changing mat and a basket for supplies near the bed or couch instead.

Diaper pails

If you take your trash out regularly, there's no need for any extra, expensive pail exclusive for diapers. If you are still concerned about smell or you have pets that might get into the trash, simply buy a garbage can with a lid.

Baby laundry detergent

Detergent specifically designed for baby is usually more expensive and still contains perfumes, which can be a skin irritant. Many detergent makers now offer perfume-free and dye-free options perfect for baby and the entire family. 

Baby food processor and specialized items for storing/freezing baby food

A regular food processor works just as well. You can also use a clean coffee grinder. To store and freeze food, consider using ice cube trays.

Pee-pee Tee-pee

Funny and cute but not necessary. Simply cover baby boy with a wipe while changing him.

Expensive clothes

Babies spit up. Sometimes a lot. Need we say more?


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