10 things to do with blueberries


10 ideas for fun with blueberries:

My little girl loves blueberries. My son, on the other hand, not so much. With July being National Blueberry Month, I came up with as many blueberry-loving ideas as I could. After all, what’s not to love about this indigenous flowering plant?

Here are 10 kid-friendly ideas for all things blueberry:

1. Blueberry pickin’ patch. Kids love anything hands-on. Look on the Internet or visit your local Chamber of Commerce to find out where the nearest blueberry patches are. Set a date, load the kids in the car and show them firsthand where to get this delicious fruit.

2. Blueberry pancakes. It’s Sunday morning and your family is waking up to the smell of delicious blueberry pancakes sizzling on the griddle. If they want to help, drop the batter on the griddle and let your kids plop blueberries in the batter (with supervision, of course). This healthy, yummy breakfast is sure to satisfy everyone’s appetites.

3. Smoothies. Add fresh blueberries to your smoothie for added antioxidants, or better yet, add frozen blueberries with or without ice to get that extra icy texture.

4. Rainbow platter. Assemble a fruit tray and arrange different pieces of fruit by their colors to make a rainbow. Blueberries can be the blue ray in the rainbow and the kids will love that you’ve recreated something so cool!

5. Connect the blueberries.* Get a pint of blueberries and arrange them one-by-one on a piece of construction paper to create a shape (example: circle). Have your son eat the blueberries as he picks them up to drawn a line where the blueberry was. When all of the blueberries are gone, your child has had a healthy snack and he’s created art out of something edible.

6. Gardening. Plant a blueberry bush with your children. This will be a great way to teach kids how to get their hands dirty while seeing the fruits of their labor for years to come.

7. Ice cubes. Fill up your ice cube tray and let your daughter put one or two blueberries in each cubicle. Put them in the freezer and voila! Throw them in your next glass of water and you have a pretty and yummy drink

8. Jam. Who doesn’t love jam? Find an old family recipe or scope one out on the Internet. Do most of the leg work but let your kids get involved in the kitchen by having them measure out the blueberries to put in the pot for boiling down with sugar and water.

9. Road race.* Let your son line up blueberries on the floor or table to make roads where his matchbox cars can drive along. He’ll love the idea of building his own racetrack and you’ll love the extra time to get something else done.

10. Fun facts. Let school-aged children get on the computer and see how many facts they can find about blueberries. This is a great way to teach them to take something from the environment and pick it apart to learn all they can. Be sure to try some of these ideas for National Blueberry Month. Your kids will have a blast learning about all things blueberries, and you’ll feel good knowing they’re eating a healthy and nutritious fruit.

• Warning! Unless you like stained linens, don’t try this on your grandmother’s heirloom tablecloth.

• Blueberries pack more antioxidant power than any other fresh fruit or vegetable. They are naturally low in fat, high in fiber and have no added sugar, sodium or refined starches. Pop a fistful to increase bone health, and fight cancer, heart disease and aging.

Meagan Ruffing loves finding new ways to teach her kids about healthy foods. She tries to incorporate hands-on learning whenever possible and thinks it keeps her kids out of trouble and into fun.

Make it educational and show your kids where berries come from. See all the places you can go Berry picking in the Milwaukee area.
If you go berry picking, let the kids get messy it's half the fun of going. I've found a great natural cleaner; naps felda soap, to clean up those berry stains.

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