Tales of a Square Peg

Name: Rochelle Fritsch
Kids: Elementary school-aged daughter
Works: Fundraiser for IMPACT, a local nonprofit
Favorite thing about being a mom: Telling my daughter stories about Grandma Gee Gee and stuff that happened when I was a little girl, teaching my daughter important life lessons (manners) and watching her apply them
Least favorite thing about being a mom: Teaching my daughter important life lessons (bad choices lead to bad consequences) by being the "Enforcer"
Famous for: Being a karaoke queen and snorting when I laugh

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What Should We Tell Kids About Mass Shootings?

Umpqua, GunViolence, Community

It’s barely been a week since our world was turned upside down. Again.

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1 in 8 is Too Many - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Foundation, ABCD-After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

October’s chill is a welcome (or unwelcome) reminder that snow and cold are just around the corner. All things that we, as Wisconsinites, expect.

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An Alternative to Mom-Shaming

Mommitment, MomShaming, Encouragement

When my daughter was a baby, I was a fish out of water. My own mom had died many years before, so there was no calling mom if I thought infant GeeGee was constipated, had an ear infection – or just to say Am I doing this right? While I had then what I now realize was maternal instinct, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing; and I still don’t know now, even nearly thirteen years later.

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Are Paying Jobs a Good Idea...for Kids?

#Chores #Allowance

Gut Punch or Harmful Ad or Both?


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