Tales of a Square Peg

Name: Rochelle Fritsch
Kids: Elementary school-aged daughter
Works: Fundraiser for IMPACT, a local nonprofit
Favorite thing about being a mom: Telling my daughter stories about Grandma Gee Gee and stuff that happened when I was a little girl, teaching my daughter important life lessons (manners) and watching her apply them
Least favorite thing about being a mom: Teaching my daughter important life lessons (bad choices lead to bad consequences) by being the "Enforcer"
Famous for: Being a karaoke queen and snorting when I laugh

A Message We Need to Hear

This commercial came on the other day. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. Now.

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Fruit, Beans and The B Word

Dear GeeGee,

You’re all of eleven years old now. Television isn't limited to Barney, Sesame Street and Caillou. Music is wider and more daring than The Wheels on the Bus. There’s a lot out there – television, music, and social media -- some of it good, some not so good, so I hope you still hear our teachable moments' lessons whispering in your ear when you’re choosing the sights, tunes and ideas that will fill your head and heart.

You’re a good kid, GeeGee; and Dad and Mom have faith that you’ll choose the right things, of course with our guidance, which will undoubtedly feel like nagging on some days. But we’ll muddle through and learn from each other.

But honestly, there’s one thing I don’t want you to worry about: The B Word: Bossy. Some people think The B Word should be banned. The logic behind it is because when girls take a decisive stance, they are called Bossy, but when boys take that same stance, they are called Leaders.

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The X Factor

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Step Up to the Mic!

The Wiggles were a big thing when GeeGee was a toddler, and we spent a small fortune on all things Wiggles. Her favorite was the Wiggles battery-operated microphone. Part of me thinks it was about the Toot-toot-Chugga-Chugga-Big-Red-Car, but a bigger part of me thinks she loved it because the microphone literally gave her a voice.

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SelfFULLness...the Flip Side of Selflessness

Ah, the first day of school. Watching your heart walk away from you into a totally different environment and into someone else’s care. Even though GeeGee’s a fifth-grader now, it still tugs at my heartstrings and makes tears flow. But I wonder: the tears, the throat lump, the angst of letting go. Is it from selflessness? Or does it come from selfFULLness?

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