Tales of a Square Peg

Name: Rochelle Fritsch
Kids: Elementary school-aged daughter
Works: Fundraiser for IMPACT, a local nonprofit
Favorite thing about being a mom: Telling my daughter stories about Grandma Gee Gee and stuff that happened when I was a little girl, teaching my daughter important life lessons (manners) and watching her apply them
Least favorite thing about being a mom: Teaching my daughter important life lessons (bad choices lead to bad consequences) by being the "Enforcer"
Famous for: Being a karaoke queen and snorting when I laugh

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Stories All Around Us

#ListenToYourMother, #LTYM #Community, #BlackHistoryMonth

So how’s your research on Enolia Pettigen McMillan going? I asked, halfway proud because I actually rememberd the name of the person my daughter was studying for a Black History Month project.

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4 Reasons to Talk About Race in Your Home

Community, Kids and Race, Race

I recently read an article suggesting that maybe, just maybe, it might be a good idea for parents to start LinkedIn profiles for their children. Yes, you read this correctly: Kids on LinkedIn. To be clear, kids fourteen and up. The idea is that starting a LinkedIn profile sooner than later could potentially give our kids the all important edge into education and successful career.

There’s an easier way to give kids an edge that doesn’t involve remembering yet another password and can be done while preparing meals, eating meals, driving to school and even while folding laundry:

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Because There Is No "Easy" Button

Community, Gun Violence, Helping Others, Hope

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We're Learning to Be Selfish

Peer Pressure, Middle School, Self-Esteem

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Building Communities, Building Futures: We Got This!

Community, Gun Violence, Hope, We Got This

The nightly news is on right now, and I hesitate at turning away from DVR’d programming to watch it for fear of the latest report of gun violence. Especially because gun violence seems to happen more often than not on the city's north side -- a part of the city where I grew up; and I find myself scratching my head and wondering where the hope has gone.

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