Two on the Hip, One in the Belly

Your Name: Elizabeth Braatz
Children:  5-year-old twins and a 2-year-old
Work: Cycling instructor for the YMCA and JCC Milwaukee, freelance writer and domestic dictator of my household
Favorite part of being a mom: Little voices saying "I love you momma!"
Least favorite part of being a mom: POTTY TRAINING
Famous for: Being a vegetarian who can make a killer tenderloin.
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"Do You Want to Have a Party?"

SAHM, selling party, working mom

Disclaimer...This post serves not to offend but to simply to chat.

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What Running Has Taught Me About My Body

marathon, running, strong, tough, athlete

The moment happened....I crossed the finish line and heard these words over the loud speaker, "Elizabeth Braatz, you are a marathoner." The race director placed the golden medal around my neck, shook my hand and congratulated me on my first full marathon. I wanted to cry but couldn't stop smiling. After 18 weeks of training, I had crossed the finish line, in good time and in one piece. Wow...I actually did it.

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The One on One Time

one-on-one time, bonding

My twins - age five - came home after almost four days away at their grandparents lake house. For the first two days, they were alone with my inlaws and then my husband drove up for the final two days. That left me at home with our two-year-old daughter, all to myself. It was this weekend that I realized that I have never spent a decent amount of time with just one of my children. 

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At a Loss

The loss of a child, death, sadness, grieving

I went to a funeral for a family today, friends that I've known for years. Their son died far before his time. As I stood in the receiving line, I was full of thoughts, full of emotions. I looked at the images of their child, the pictures of bright smiles and happy times that adorned the aisles as I waited to pay my respects. I could see my friends' faces up ahead as they changed from tears to smiles, to sobs and to laughter when they were greeted by their guests. With every face that came to them, there was a memory. 

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To Share or Not to Share??!!

sharing, taking turns, life lessons

My friend forwarded on an interesting article about the concept of sharing. Before reading my blog, it may be worth a quick read:

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