My leg is not broken

Your Name: Rachel Schickowski
Children: Oliver
Work: Marketing
Favorite part of being a mom: Revisiting childhood things I love, watching my son discover new things, snuggles, hearing “mama” and the anticipation of all that’s to come. 
Little known fact: I was born with Arthrogryposis and need crutches to walk. More info at
Famous for:  Surviving two years with little freedom – imagine not being able to go out with your kids alone

5 Obnoxious Things

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Traveling always stirs up a story. It reminds me how we make our day-to-day world to be as easy and comfortable as possible. Leaving the safe bubble of home pushes us to new limits but can also be a little obnoxious.
5 Obnoxious Things I Experienced in Cleveland, OH this week:
Thanks for touching me. Twice.
I get the pat down at the airport rather than trying to walk through the detector. They also wipe my hands and shoes with a white swatch, it reminds me of one of those face oil blotting wipes. Well, I managed to set off the alarm for having suspicious materials on me. This led to another private screening in a closed area with two intimidating security ladies. They needed to use the front of their hand this time instead of the back of hand to make sure I was not up to any funny business. Awesomely obnoxious.
Sweaty and broken…
After walking 4 blocks on a steamy 92 degree day, I got to the conference center and discovered the main elevator was broken. After waiting 15 minutes a nice janitor led me to the industrial elevator hidden in back. I got where I needed to go but was the girl who walked in late and made crinkling noises while everyone was trying to learn.
Do they hate me?
The conference hall I am working in the week has numerous tiers. We jump from room to room all day going up and down. They have escalators which are my worst nightmare so I have to leave my group and take the elevator. Doesn’t sound that dramatic when I read this but trust me, it’s super lame.
And it continued…
I went to the Rock & Roll hall of fame. OMG exact same escalator saga. What’s up? You’re killing me.
Hi there, I would like to order another arm.
They offered breakfast to the 2000 peeps at this conference. They provided 14 seats and then a sea of pub tables. Cleveland may rock. Eating while standing and holding crutches does not. *grin*
I flew home excited to kiss my boy and return to the safe bubble of home. This bubble popped when I woke up the next morning feeling terrible and found out I had bronchitis and an ear infection.
Life is an adventure! 

I ate my way through summer.

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I have two sizes of clothes that live in my very messy closet...

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 I wanted to blog at least once a week.   Let’s be real…I’m happy I get my laundry done every week - Oliver pees on stuff a lot. Work consumes a lot of me. The rest goes to family, quality TV (have you seen Catfish on MTV?…OMG) and a few glorious moments lounging on my deck with my iPad to read (aka napping in the sun). Oh and really important Facebook and Twitter posts. 

VIDEO: My life as a disabled mom

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The videos from Listen to Your Mother 2013 are now on YouTube.  I shared a letter to my son Oliver on how it feels to be a mom who can't "do it all" and how I hope watching my determination to live a normal life will make him an awesome person with a big heart and compassion for others. 

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