Name: Raina Johnson
Child: Elijah, 4 
Work: Freelance Journalist, Community Organizer, Communications Contractor 
Favorite part about being a mom: Waking up and getting the chance to do it all over again
Least favorite part about being a mom: Washing and folding seemingly endless loads of laundry.
Famous for: Knowing the name of every barista at my local Starbucks.
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My Very Unremarkable 29th Birthday


In the 21 days leading up to my 29th birthday, I did a little project on Facebook, called "21 Days of Thankful" It's just a small project to remind me (and others) to be thankful for the little things, in the everyday things that I may take my granted. Some of the things I wrote were.

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Dear Elijah's Kindergarten Teacher,

first day of school, kindergarten

Dear Elijah's Kindergarten Teacher,

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Dear Mr. Officer

Michael Brown, Ferguson, Missouri

When I see what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri – a suburb of St. Louis    my heart breaks more and more for little black boys and young men in this country.

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Calming Kindergarten Fears


For years, I've watched my friends post the most adorable photos of their kids on the first day of school. And I waited. Waited for my chance. Well, now my time has come. Elijah will be starting K4 in a few weeks. I'm very nervous because I've never had a child in school before - and I don't want to "mess up" what ever that means, but I'm also very excited because he's growing up and this is the first of many steps in his formal educational journey.

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I never saw myself as 'other'

travel, women, no kids

"You're a work-a-holic," he said. 

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