Name: Raina Johnson
Child: Elijah, 4 
Work: Freelance Journalist, Community Organizer, Communications Contractor 
Favorite part about being a mom: Waking up and getting the chance to do it all over again
Least favorite part about being a mom: Washing and folding seemingly endless loads of laundry.
Famous for: Knowing the name of every barista at my local Starbucks.
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The Opposite of Selfish


Newsflash: taking care of yourself as a parent isn't selfish! In parenting, the opposite of selfish is self-care. We all deserve a break, need to re-group to take care of ourselves...and to do that without overwhelming feelings of guilt.

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I'm So Milwaukee...

Milwaukee, Family, Culture

Not sure about you, but lately my Facebook timeline and Twitter feed has been bombarded with posts that begin with, “I’m so Milwaukee” and then go on to detail an event, place or person that evokes a certain memory - reminiscent of what the author feels, is representative of the city.

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Look Before You Leave!

hot car deaths, Justin Harris Ross, overheated cars, children dying in hot cars

When we hear stories about how other people parent their children and the decisions they make, it’s easy to say, ‘oh how could they?’ or ‘that’ll never happen to me/my family.’ We can be so quick react instead of being proactive. Lately this news of children being left in hot cars has sparked a conversation about what can be done about it. In my opinion, before we find out what can be done about it, we need to examine the root causes of why it’s happening in the first place.

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Separation Anxiety For Both of Us

Separation Anxiety, Children, Co-Parenting

I know you don't want to hear this, but school will be starting before we know it. The adorable "first day" photos I've seen my friends post all over social media for years, will be something that I finally will have the opportunity to participate in when I send Elijah off to K4. 

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What We Say To Girls

what we tell our girls, girl talk, gender

This week, two very ordinary events have turned into an extraordinary thought process for me.

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