Name: Raina Johnson
Child: Elijah, 4 
Work: Reporter and Starbucks barista
Favorite part about being a mom: Watching Elijah's curiousity for the world grow.
Least favorite part about being a mom: The amount of laundry I do.
Famous for: My love of coffee and books.
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December Depression

For many people, the holidays are a time to reflect, be joyous and spend time with family. For others, like myself, all month, I've been trying to climb out of this dark and depressing place that only December can bring.

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Kids not home for the holidays?

It’s engrained in our minds from a young age that the holidays are a time meant for family. The media, the malls and even some employers push the idea that holidays are reserved for everyone coming together and creating memories. But when you’re co-parenting coming together for the holidays may be a little tricky.

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Elections matter to the smallest of voices

voting, elections, early education

When I turned 18, I guess you can say I wasn’t typical. I wasn’t excited to buy a lottery ticket or a pack of cigarettes, I was more excited to become a registered voter. On March 1, 2004, I did just that. And what a year it was! On November 2, 2004, I voted in my first presidential election, Kerry and Bush. It was an exciting time in my life and an exciting time in our country.

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How do you deal with a bad report card?

I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am mother of a four year old. One day, my little boy will grow up and become a black man. He just started school and I can’t wait to get the first report card. Report cards are a valuable tool in analyzing progress and areas to improve upon.

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Building a village

There are many moving parts and pieces when you’re a parent. Most days, it can feel like you are being pulled in a thousand different directions. But what do you do combat the feeling of an overwhelmed life?  A lot of parents are stretched thin – both with time and finances.

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