Name: Raina Johnson
Child: Elijah, 4 
Work: Reporter and Starbucks barista
Favorite part about being a mom: Watching Elijah's curiousity for the world grow.
Least favorite part about being a mom: The amount of laundry I do.
Famous for: My love of coffee and books.
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Whose Name Is It Anyway?

I recently read an article about a couple in Tennessee who decided to give their babies a combination of both their last names. The laws in Tennessee have spurred the couple to begin looking into the state's laws and possibly file lawsuits in order to give their newborn baby whatever surname they have choosen (and in this case, it's a combination of both parents' last names.)

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Myth Busting: Stay-At-Home Moms Who Make It Work (and look cool)

Earlier this summer, fellow blogger and web producer extraordinaire, Liz Paulsen posted an article about a local Mom, Kelly Legler and her son, Jack auditioning for the show “Shark Tank.” Shark Tank features entrepreneurs looking to advance their business, with the help of billionaire investors.

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Parents Headed Back To Class: Communication 101

co-parenting, communication

During the initial phases of the separation from my son’s father, if communication 101 were a course we had to take, we both would have failed miserably.

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Lessen the drama of a sick day

Raina J. Johnson, sick days, children

Have you ever had a moment at work when your thoughts are in perfect harmony, your desk is clean and your calendar is manageable? Ok, great! Now think of that very moment again but this time being interrupted by the buzzing of your cell phone, and on the other end is the voice of your child’s childcare provider telling you that your baby needs to be picked up right away!

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What Hope Does And #WhyILeft

We form our opinions based on what we see in the media, and what we’d do if we were in someone eles's shoes. I've seen a lot of that lately, following the video that was released of former Balitmore Ravens star, Ray Rice, punching his then-fiance, Janay in a hotel elevator. (Note, I refuse to watch or share the video)

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