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Name: Amy Schwabe
Kids: Two girls, Alex (10) and Wendy (6)
Works: stay-at-home mom, blogger, freelance writer
Favorite part about being a mom: watching my girls develop personalities and habits that are a lot like those of my husband's and mine, but also uniquely their own
Least favorite part about being a mom: trying to find balance -- in everything -- the line between being too overprotective vs. too free-range; the line between overscheduling so we don't miss anything we want to do and being more spontaneous so we can enjoy just a few of the things we want to do; the line between sheltering the kids so they don't make any mistakes and being so hands-off that they make too many mistakes
Famous for: having so many books that guests are free to use my home as a lending library (although my younger daughter says I'm famous for cleaning the house)

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Our Easter Quest -- Safe Jelly Beans and Chocolate Bunnies

 The quest for safe chocolate bunnies and jelly beans has begun.

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Egg-free Easter Eggs?

 Easter is quickly approaching, despite the weather fooling us into thinking of Christmas!

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Restaurant Review -- Rodizio Grill

 I've written before about my daughter Wendy's love of meat.  She has become quite the steak afficionado, and the cool thing about it is that she loves it properly cooked -- the more tender the better, none of this well-done ridiculousness for her!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 I've never been a big celebrator of St. Patrick's Day.  But, when you have kids who are surrounded by green revelry all day and who love to take advantage of any opportunity to have a celebration, well, you become a celebrator of St. Patrick's Day!

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Magical Disney Dining -- Food Carts and Kiosks

 When you're at an amusement park, you're surrounded by the sights and smells of food.  Most of those smells, and most of those sights don't come from the restaurants though.  They come from the outdoor food carts and kiosks.

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