Allergy Mom

Name: Amy Schwabe
Kids: Two girls, Alex (10) and Wendy (6)
Works: stay-at-home mom, blogger, freelance writer
Favorite part about being a mom: watching my girls develop personalities and habits that are a lot like those of my husband's and mine, but also uniquely their own
Least favorite part about being a mom: trying to find balance -- in everything -- the line between being too overprotective vs. too free-range; the line between overscheduling so we don't miss anything we want to do and being more spontaneous so we can enjoy just a few of the things we want to do; the line between sheltering the kids so they don't make any mistakes and being so hands-off that they make too many mistakes
Famous for: having so many books that guests are free to use my home as a lending library (although my younger daughter says I'm famous for cleaning the house)

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A Few of My Favorite Autumn Things -- Back to School Nostalgia and Back to Routines

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Fun with Theme Parties -- Video Game Night

A few weeks ago, we babysat my nephew. We decided to make the evening into a party with a video game night.

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Eat Local Milwaukee Challenge -- a Wrapup

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Hey! I already eat local!

 Since I've been taking the Eat Local Milwaukee challenge, I've been thinking even more about the ingredients in my food than I usually do (and, as an allergy mom, I already think about ingredients a lot!).

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Eat Local Challenge -- Tomato Gazpacho


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