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Name: Amy Schwabe
Kids: Two girls, Alex (10) and Wendy (6)
Works: stay-at-home mom, blogger, freelance writer
Favorite part about being a mom: watching my girls develop personalities and habits that are a lot like those of my husband's and mine, but also uniquely their own
Least favorite part about being a mom: trying to find balance -- in everything -- the line between being too overprotective vs. too free-range; the line between overscheduling so we don't miss anything we want to do and being more spontaneous so we can enjoy just a few of the things we want to do; the line between sheltering the kids so they don't make any mistakes and being so hands-off that they make too many mistakes
Famous for: having so many books that guests are free to use my home as a lending library (although my younger daughter says I'm famous for cleaning the house)

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Food Allergies and Summer Camp

 I've always felt like sending my kids to summer camp is something that's outside my comfort zone, partly because we're all pretty attached, but also because I haven't been able to imagine how we would handle food allergies if Alex was away from home for such a long period of time.

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Local food allergy families share their stories

 One of the most difficult things about dealing with food allergies is that handling them effectively becomes a lifestyle.  You have to advocate for your children at school, with family members, at restaurants, everywhere.  Label reading and recipe-adjusting have to become part of your everyday life.  You have to understand how to recognize symptoms of an allergic reaction and know how to use the proper medications, as well as ensure that the people who take care of your children know how to keep your child safe.

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Awesome Actions for Food Allergy Action Month

 I think I may have mentioned this a few times already (ha ha), but I'll just say it a few more times – May is Food Allergy Action Month! And this week is Food Allergy Awareness Week!

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Food Allergy Awareness Week -- Check out Alex's television debut!

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Support local allergy friendly businesses during Food Allergy Awareness Month!

 Whenever we meet someone else who suffers with food allergies, or come across a company that specializes in allergy-friendly products, it feels like meeting an old friend.  We immediately have so much to talk about, we understand each other, it's really awesome.

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