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Name: Amy Schwabe
Kids: Two girls, Alex (10) and Wendy (6)
Works: stay-at-home mom, blogger, freelance writer
Favorite part about being a mom: watching my girls develop personalities and habits that are a lot like those of my husband's and mine, but also uniquely their own
Least favorite part about being a mom: trying to find balance -- in everything -- the line between being too overprotective vs. too free-range; the line between overscheduling so we don't miss anything we want to do and being more spontaneous so we can enjoy just a few of the things we want to do; the line between sheltering the kids so they don't make any mistakes and being so hands-off that they make too many mistakes
Famous for: having so many books that guests are free to use my home as a lending library (although my younger daughter says I'm famous for cleaning the house)

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Five reasons my family loved Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice, BMO Harris Bradley Center, Milwaukee

Disney on Ice is in town, and Jonathan, the girls, and I got the chance to see the show last night at the BMO Harris Bradley Center.

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Win tickets to Disney on Ice!

I don't know about you, but this is the time of year – freezing cold with the thrill of Christmas behind us and winter stretching ahead of us – when I start fantasizing about Florida.

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Just when I think I have my kids figured out -- and a recipe!


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Let's have a "conversation" about Valentine's Day!

 Okay, kind of crazy, but, about a week before Christmas, my family and I were doing some last-minute shopping, and the Christmas merchandise was already on clearance to make way for Valentine's Day!  Yeah, I was a little bit annoyed that I couldn't find anymore Santa Coca-Cola when it wasn't even Christmas yet, but since the holidays are over now, I'm ready to embrace Valentine's Day!

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Learning about - and from - my kids

We had a wonderful Christmas vacation. We celebrated the holiday with our families, we went shopping and out to eat, we went to movies, we played lots of games, we played with all our Christmas gifts, we relaxed, and nobody was sick this year!

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