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Name: Amy Schwabe
Kids: Two girls, Alex (10) and Wendy (6)
Works: stay-at-home mom, blogger, freelance writer
Favorite part about being a mom: watching my girls develop personalities and habits that are a lot like those of my husband's and mine, but also uniquely their own
Least favorite part about being a mom: trying to find balance -- in everything -- the line between being too overprotective vs. too free-range; the line between overscheduling so we don't miss anything we want to do and being more spontaneous so we can enjoy just a few of the things we want to do; the line between sheltering the kids so they don't make any mistakes and being so hands-off that they make too many mistakes
Famous for: having so many books that guests are free to use my home as a lending library (although my younger daughter says I'm famous for cleaning the house)

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What I learned at the FARE Food Allergy Conference

 I went to the Milwaukee FARE Food Allergy conference over the weekend for the second time.  And, for the second time, I was completely impressed by all the amazing people who are involved in sharing a huge wealth of information about food allergies.

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Fun at Thanksgiving -- without food

 Kids with food allergies can obviously have difficulties with holidays that are centered around food, like Thanksgiving.

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Last chance to sign up for the FARE Food Allergy Conference!

 The FARE Food Allergy conference is this Saturday from 8-4 at Children's Hospital.

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Allergy-friendly fun with food -- Thanksgiving!

 Continuing on with my posts about the importance of kids with food allergies still having fun with food at the holidays, I thought I'd write about my thoughts on making food fun at Thanksgiving.

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More allergy-friendly fall food fun!

 In my last blog post, I wrote about how important it is to find ways to make holiday eating fun for kids with food allergies.  It's so important for allergy kids to have those warm holiday memories that revolve around food and families and friends.

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