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Amy Reno, MS CCC-SLP, is a Certified Speech Language Pathologist who provides private pediatric Speech Services and is the founder of a website that provides online speech learning. She blogs about pediatric speech is happy to answer questions sent to with “Milwaukee Moms Q & A” in the subject line.

What does Apraxia Look Like in 2-3 Year Olds?


I read your blog about childhood apraxia and am wondering what it looks like in a 2-3 year old child?


As I stated in last blog, Childhood Apraxia of Speech Disorder is a motor speech disorder meaning that the major difficulty the child has is with an inability to plan and program actual speech movements of the lips, tongue, cheeks, jaw, etc. (i.e., the child has trouble controlling and moving the mouth in the way that he wants to). Children with apraxia of speech are the children who have a hard time imitating sounds or words but occasionally say some amazing word like “spaghetti” with no problem. Typically apraxia children are quiet with minimal singing or chatter while playing or doing other activities. Children with apraxia typically have no problem following directions or understanding what you say to them. They present a lot like other children their age, they just do not communicate very much verbally. They may use a lot of gestures or pointing to get their message across to you (i.e., take you to kitchen to show you what they want, etc.). If this sounds like your child, ask your pediatrician for a referral to a Speech Language Pathologist.

For more information on this topic visit Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA) Visit me at or email questions to

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  1. We are also starting a local support group for familys dealing with Apraxia of speech... We are new but already have alot of familys. We have a facebook page you can find it by searching Milwaukee Apraxia on facebook but also you can email me at

    We will be holding events and get togethers this summer to were we can share and support each other and let our kids have fun :) Please find us or contact us... we are all in this together!

    CarolynnS May 05, 2010 2:17 PM

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